Children learn CrossFit Foundational movements in a fun setting. The goal of the course is to increase athleticism in the ten recognized fields: speed, strength, power, endurance, coordination, agility, accuracy, balance, flexibility, and stamina. Above all, this course strives to give children a lifelong love of fitness as part of their daily routine.


Our program is intended to give all kids a performance advantage in any sport of their choosing. CrossFit Teen Strength and Conditioning is programmed specifically for the needs of athletes ages 13 to 17. Teens will be instructed in proper weightlifting technique and gymnastic based movements. All trainers for this class are qualified CrossFit Kids Trainers, who specializes in teaching CrossFit techniques safely and effectively to growing bodies.


CrossFit utilizes Olympic lifts, gymnastics, and mono-structural activities (running, rowing, etc.) in mixed bouts of work and rest intervals. Workouts are usually kept short and intense but are constantly varied in terms of time and modality. A class is 1 hour and includes warm up, skill presentation and practice, the workout of the day (WOD), and cool down. Each athlete will receive his or her own scaling to match their needs and abilities.

It’s Just You Against You

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