“It’s the best! You get everything you could possible want in a gym. I would and have recommended it to many of my friends.”
– Reid Jackson

“If you are over 60, get to a CrossFit class and try it out. It will do wonders for your balance, agility and strength and you can have the fun of competing against Greg and me.”
– Jerry Moberg

“There is no work out that prepares you for Crossfit except for Crossfit. This is a great gym with knowledgeable trainers who will critique your form to ensure you the best result possible. I have no desire to step foot in a traditional gym again. Highly recommend for anyone.”
– Brandon Douglass

“I do CrossFit because… it’s not vanilla! When I joined CrossFit Four Pillars my expectations were fairly low. I had been to other gyms and saw minimal success at best. Other gyms feel very stale and uninviting in my opinion! At CrossFit, the moment you walk in you are challenged not only physically but mentally as well. The sense of community is unparalleled in the CrossFit gym, one day you could be working out with a State Trooper, the next day could be a President of the local college! There Is nothing “VANILLA” about CrossFit! (Caleb)

I do Crossfit because I like feeling and looking strong. I’ve had a regular fitness routine for many years and have never felt so strong. Crossfit is individualized to fit my needs and abilities, but I also enjoy the friendly competition that pushes me to try harder and find my limits. Our family enjoys being fit together and CFFP is a community we connect with and supports our healthy lifestyle. (Melody)

I like Crossfit because it’s fun and we get to do workouts. And I like having Tom and Kristen as our coaches. (Cady, Age 7)

I like Crossfit Kids because of we workout together, make new friends, have fun, and play games. Tom and Kristen make Crossfit Kids fun! (Coleton, age 12)”
– Johnston Family

“I avoided CrossFit for the longest time for various reasons.  As a 7 year US Navy Veteran, and self-proclaimed “fitness junky”, I thought I was in decent physical condition plugging away at my normal workout.  I searched the area for a new gym to change things up a bit in my daily routine and I stumbled across the CrossFit Four Pillars  OnRamp class.  With no risk or obligation I decided to give it a try and see what the hype was all about.  First day in class and I fell in love with the sport.  Now, after a year of dedication to the sport, I can achieve things I never thought possible on a daily basis (in or out of the box). You could call it an addiction, but most of us call it a lifestyle.  A highly structured regimen with knowledgeable coaches to personalize your workout, and the huge community support of your peers, I couldn’t imagine another day without my box.  There is no better feeling in the world than stepping up to that barbell, that pull-up bar, or that rope and smashing your personal record from the last workout.  There is no end goal in CrossFit, it is a constant state of sweat, hard work, and overall improvement of the best possible “YOU” that you can be.  I am a CrossFitter, and I’m damn proud of it.”
– Peter Dracopolous

It’s Just You Against You

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